Animatronic Characters - Moxi

Meet Moxi, Quasi's spunky little sister. Moxi loves attention and showing off. She's into gadgets, especially video cameras. She'll sing you a song if you promise to post it to the internet! She also enjoys playing games with visitors to the Singapore Science Center, where she lives.

Moxi's best friend is Merki, a mysterious merkitten. No one quite knows where Merki came from and Moxi will always tell you a different story if you ask her! Moxi has quite the imagination, so she's always planning zany adventures with Merki.

Fun Facts


November 2, 2007

Best Friend:
Merki the merkitten

Pittsburgh PA

Current Location:
Singapore Science Center, Singapore

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Moxi is technologically a hybrid of Quasi 1.0 and Quasi 2.0. She has ten motors, a linear actuator, and four LED lights giving her expressive motion & color of her head, eyes, & mouth. Two additional motors power her merkitten sidekick who can flap his tail and move his head. Fiberoptic ponytails and long lashes lend Moxi a special flare!

Moxi's stance is similar to Quasi 2.0, with full legs standing on a box frame base. Although Moxi can not walk around, her largest motor drives the swaying of her hips allowing Moxi to swing in time to the songs she sings. And although Moxi is on a box base like Quasi 2.0, most of her motors are mounted inside her similar to Quasi 1.0.

Although Moxi is often puppeteered, she was also designed to provide an autonomous experience for science center guests. She uses a dynamic conversation system to generate psuedo random vocal 'conversations' between herself and Merki (who speaks in meows). She also has an custom AI system, allowing her to play a game against science center guests at 4 levels of difficulty. Throughout the game, Moxi will vocally comment on the state of the game, ruminate on her next move, and taunt the player when she believes she's going to win!