Animatronic Software - Guided Guided Software

Our Guided Control System allows a human operator to influence or control a characterís responses. This can include everything from simply directing the characterís gaze, to triggering specific animations and speaking as the character.

Interbots robots can be puppeteerd remotely through an internet enabled device like a tablet pc.

The Guided Performance Interface includes 2 video feeds (a first person view and a third person view) used for gaze control, a library of custom animations which can be overlaid and sequenced with each other, and an emotion map, to change the emotional expression of the character.

The puppeteer also wears a headset and mic, allowing her to listen and respond to the audience. When the puppeteer speaks, her voice is modulated and drives the motion of the character's mouth.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the GPI system frees the actor to interact naturally with guests as a performer, rather than as a robot.